Wednesday 6 December 2017

GWR signal

On the original AotC plan in the Modeller, there was a bit more open space to the right of the platform. This aped the set up at Fairford with the ganger's hut and a the starter. The reality is that there isn't enough space at all if you want a long enough platform, so it has to be tweaked. This throws up a problem in that the ganger's hut can go, but the starter can't.

I'd rammed the platform right up to the bridge. This is not an issue, but the prototype would have dropped the post through the platform surface. I could have done that, which would have meant destroying the signal ladder etc. I've gone for a bodge and rigged up an angled 'foot' out of scrap and brick sheet. It looks a little bit trainset now and is impossible to bed in with weeds in this position.

The second issue is do I make it work or not? It's possible, and there is a handy cross member to attach a crank to, but....

I think the biggest problem is that now I've done the deed and built the Roy Link plan, I want to move on to something a little more logical without the compromises.