Monday, 11 December 2017


A query below had me trying to stand upright in a gale taking a photo of a wall. The query was about flint when I'd said pebbles. The above is not the same wall, which was unavailable, but one nearby. One assumes that this is a case of using local materials, in this case beach pebbles. There's not loads around the area, but there's enough in a few of the older back streets to make it a small local feature.

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  1. Some places have walling using both pebbles as in your photo and knapped flint; the perimeter walls around Bexhill station are an example...while most of the long wall in Endwell Road is pebbles, the facing of the walls that support the steps and ramp are knapped and look older.
    I think that the footbridge was built as part of the second station which was opposite the Devonshire pub, whereas the long wall is part of the third (current) station, which would bear this out.
    Perhaps the difference reflects increasing labour costs; certainly the knapped flint must have been very labour intensive to produce.