Monday 18 December 2017

Track plans

A general sort through the 'bits of track' box turned up four PECO medium radius and a single slip in code 100. I noodled around for a while and turned this up -  a 3'6" - 4' micro shunting layout. This would almost clear the cupboard once I've worked out how to wire the slip. It didn't get a nod of approval from West Sussex - 'you won't be happy as it's code 100', but maybe clearing already bought things is good? Entry/exit could be form virtually any line as all end up on the loop, and it could be fed from a 'stick' fiddle yard or something more complex. A neutral industrial background would mean almost anything goes as far as stock is concerned. New Year quicky?


  1. Oddly enough, I've recently been thinking along similar lines...I've got an old MDF baseboard, one of a pair knocked up over new year in about 2002/3 and several yards of code 75 as well as a 3-way and a small L/H point.
    Went and bought a "dead" Mainline J72 from the RVR shop yesterday...turns out that the motor runs now it's got 2 brush springs rather than one and a bent bit of wire!
    I'm sure your ninja track weathering skills will render the code 100 visually acceptable...

  2. Looks like a chocolate factory plan to me!

  3. Whats happened to your usual December rest from Modelling

  4. Isn't Iain Rice rather fond of plans that include a slip? I must admit looking at that I'm thinking an "improved" TAoC.

  5. It must be that time of year. I recently purchased a few of the new PECO bullhead points with the intention of building a layout over the coming months and life, as it does, has snookered that with a new project.

    Rummaging around in the shed and my play room I found a pristine piece of MDF 4 feet by 14 inches. Plus I have some Code 75 small radius points.

    I'm going to build a frame, lay the track and wire it over Christmas.

    Then carry on working in slow time through to the Spring. I am planning something a bit like Critchel Down.

    Looks like a good plan Chris. Plus once you have used up all the Code 100 tis gone. Beauty is in the eye and all that.

  6. Hmmm...Crichel you also remember Paul Gane's "Flaxfield" from MRC february 1986? Pretty similar concept although in 00 and I think a bit longer.
    I've even got the J72. Just need to unglue the points from the abortive micro, but do I use the 3'6" x 12" mdf board or the 4'0" x 8" ply one? Or go down to the shed and make a new board from ply and 2"x1"?

  7. Richard: I'm sneaking home to do odd bits, but yes.
    Kane: Only a rich man buys the new bullhead points and then doesn't use them.

  8. Chris

    Rich no. Feckless waster yes.