Sunday, 3 December 2017

OO gauge uncoupler

I tend to use a hand uncoupler for most things - yes 'hand of god' but a quick flick is preferable to yo-yo-ing back and forth over a magnet. Most of the layouts use a loop over a pin set up: Svanda uses single ended Euro-Bemo types and the 009s use Greenwich. For these a bent paper clip woks fine. For the AotC I've stuck with the smaller narrow Airfix/Bachmann tension locks. Here the paperclip doesn't work as well as you have to find the 1mm gap to lift the hook. Therefore a trial is being undertaken using a paddle uncoupler. Pence to make: old paintbrush handle, paperclip and three scraps of plastic sheet. The handle is drilled and the clip stuck in. The sheet has a small groove filed in and clip stuck in with UHU. This is followed up with thin sheet to trap it with more UHU and finally solvent. The paddle slides under the wagon and lifts the dropper not the hook. I may have to go down the magnet route later, but this is a cheap first attempt.

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  1. That looks a neat job, Chris. Must admit that while I tend to use fixed magnets on my 009 stuff, there are times when I think some sort of manual device would be better; usually because a train has divided when I don't want it to...
    It's a long time since I had anything with the Airfix/Hornby type couplings; I've a feeling that my local MRC used a bent plastic sheet thing similar to yours but a bit heftier.
    Currently wondering what approach to take with my US H0 stuff; not really a fan of the Kadee Shuffle so perhaps I need to make an uncoupling pick or two...