Thursday, 7 December 2017

The Art of the Compromise

A request below asks for the whole thing. Tricky in a midnight room light situation, but here it is.
The Art of the Compromise - less art more compromise. It may well go to the WRG show then get jumped on as my challenge is complete.

The original post here:


  1. Seems a shame to just dump it after all your hard work, why not try a week on that auction site everyone talks about?

  2. Thank you Chris. I think you've captured the sense of space admirably.

  3. It certainly looks a lot more spacious than the original plan suggests..I guess this is partly down to the smaller buildings, the backscene helps too. Looking forward to seeing this, what period have you gone for? The old 4-wheeled luggage van looks inter-war or did some hang on until after WWII?

  4. I assume they'd all gone by the 30s. But generally it's set between the wars as all these things are.

  5. Hi Chris

    Thanks for posting the panoramic view. The low structures add to the sense of space. Picking up on the 4-wheeled luggage van, it got me thinking.

    I thought that the layout would be ideal for an auto-train and a goods rake hauled by a small pannier or a 14xx. I have changed my mind.

    I think any passenger stock from the 30's onwards (or even bit earlier) would dwarf the layout.

    Perhaps in GWR form a more suitable set of stock would start with a 517 and a couple or three Ratio 4-wheel coaches and be reinforced by a small fleet of wagons and vans, plus a vintage brake van.

    They would sit better in the landscape so to speak.

    Obviously the layout would work with vintage stock from other companies.