Monday 29 January 2018

Southampton model railway exhibition

Southampton model railway exhibition
For the third show crit' in as many weeks, the turn of the Southampton club show at Eastleigh. Not much to say really: top show, top catering. If you start with the epic piece that is Burntisland and work your way through Navigation Sidings and then on to Calstock you get the idea of quality. Almost all would have been best in show at a smaller venue. Catering being a light lunch of two sausage rolls and a tea served in seconds flat for four quid. 10/10 all round. This is textbook exhibition stuff. If you've not been before, make a note to go next year. The only problem is that due to the popularity, parking is a wee bit squeezy.

The above from Crawley Club's Wellbridge: a simple row of suburban villas. Completely non-special and ordinary, but the level of pure modelling is superb.

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  1. I went on saturday...good show as always, with several nice layouts that I hadn't seen before. Stand-outs for me were Dave Tailby's tiny "Victoria", "Navigation Sidings" and "Trewithick".
    The latter would fit nicely on top of the bookcases here; in many ways it's rather old-fashioned...a "typical" GWR blt, straight front fascia and backscene and only around a foot wide. Layouts with "modern" curved presentation, big tall backscenes and proscenium arches are fine, but I wonder how many of them are set up at home, especially in a living room and semi-permanently?
    Oh, and I seem to have re-joined the EM Gauge Society after 30 years, having bought a Branchlines railbus chassis for £15 off the club 2nd hand stand...and the Dapol body kit to go with it at the Erith MRS show yesterday.