Tuesday 6 February 2018

GWR goods warehouse

And to the scratch-build. Something simple... but of course that's never how it works out does it? The base prototype is the shed at Moreton-in-Marsh which I've discussed here before. First impressions are that it is a 'play school' type structure of easy shape that can be built from Wills sheet, without any joins. So far, so good.
Then the windows appear.
It needs four, which were originally multi-pain landscape rectangular units, plus an arch window over the door. The modern building has replacement double glazed units. The Wills window pack only has one suitable item, and buying four packs to get four windows is ridiculous. So a little compromise (again) is needed. The Wills arch windows pack gives a close match in one direction and they are chop-able. This isn't pretty, but once painted and fitted may make the grade. I essentially chopped the top and bottom, removed the arch for the doorway and moved everything inward. A dab of filler and we're away. Compromises...

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