Thursday, 1 February 2018

Pendon Museum 1958

Middle aged men in shorts and tank tops - how we used to do it.


  1. Pendon is a wonderful model and well worth a visit. I suppose I first saw in about 1982 and a sizeable chunk of the village had been done. I doubt if the 25 year estimate to complete the village took into account the additional space obtained when they moved out of the original building.

    It is interesting to note that the Dartmoor scene on the ground floor is now showing it age.

  2. "The scale is 1 centimetre to the foot, or 1:76 of the actual size?"

    Something lost in translation methinks.

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  4. Would it ruin things if I said that the hair clipping scene was staged for the camera and by that time, thatching at Pendon was being carried out with plumbers hemp?

    I watched this clip for research last year before going to do some behind the scenes filming for BRM, and couldn't resist asking about it. There is still at least one building with hair on top, but most have now been replaced.