Friday, 23 February 2018

Saturday Ramble

Dismayed to hear the news that a well respected narrow gauge modeller has had his car nicked with his exhibition layout inside. The police  seem typically disinterested.

Aside from the moral issue of nicking cars, this throws up a question. The car was parked on the driveway close enough to be watched by CCTV. A pro-job; into the car in seconds, though they weren't expecting the layout so it's probably been dumped in a hedge. The question is insurance. The car is insured, but this only covers minimal contents. The layout was outside of the house so dubious cover on home insurance as probably not listed as a high price item. The layout was not coved by the exhibition insurance as it had arrived at the owner's place of residence.

If we leave our layouts in the car prior, or post exhibition, which is not unusual - many would load the night before and leave to later and daylight to unload. In which case it's technically not covered by anything and we can all imagine the conversation with the insurance company.... 'so you had your trainset in the car and you say it's worth £1,800...?'


  1. Having had my stock box nicked on the way back from a show many years ago, "How much?" is exactly what the insurance company says. Then they throw out the claim, only paying it when it is returned with thier flimsy excuses demolished.

    And I'd never leave a layout in a car overnight. I once carried it into a hotel room rather than do that.

  2. Just to clarify as I spoke to the victim the morning after it happened: He loaded the layout into his car at his home on the Friday evening, ready to take it to the venue that same evening and get it set up. He locked the car, went into his house to collect his stock and during the time he was getting the stock ready, the car had been "hacked" (it was one of these modern keyless ones) and 3 individuals had got into the car and driven it away in well under 30 seconds. All captured on cctv but the thieves have not been identified. There was no question of leaving the car unsecured or of leaving the layout or other valuables in the car overnight.

    The only positive part of this sad event is that the owner had not loaded his stock when the vehicle was stolen.