Tuesday, 20 March 2018

Wagon weathering

And done. Well it was done last week, I just needed to tone it down a little.
The lettering is somewhat assumptive. The van had a couple of mod's done during the larger letter days, so I assumed that these may have been added in the only place you can fit them... the door. By the 1920's it may have been looking quite sorry for itself, so it was out with the new top quality airbrush, worn out Poundland 90p paint brush, and a modicum of dry brushing all over the iron bits with some Games Workshop stinky willie grey and Humbrol 62 ( I made some of that up).

To recap: Ratio iron mink kit, vents filed off, Shire Scenes sides added, painted. Would I do t again? Yes. Would I use super glue as suggested ? Not a chance.

1 comment:

  1. It is looking good. I would have thought that rust would have taken hold quite quickly on these vans. For representing rust in model form I can recommend the technique described on the OTCM blog a while ago. That uses Games Workshop 'Typhus Corrosion' and artists' acrylic burnt sienna. There is a little video at the link
    Regards, Geoff