Friday, 16 March 2018

Wealden show and the AotC

Last weekend's Wealden Railway Group show was a weird one - no real changes there. Regulars will have gathered that it was the AotC's only public outing. The WRG event is so laid back that the stress level is pretty non-existent. It's a bit like inviting all of your mates round for a tea. The layout performed just about faultlessly, and considering the lowly roots of some of the stock, you could have expected a lot worse. I operated the layout on my own all day - no I'm lying. Nigel Hill covered most of it while I talked my way though the day.

I even left early for a prior engagement leaving Nigel (again) to throw the layout into the back of Mrs F's car to take home. It sits still packed to my right awaiting its fate. The challenge complete, the Roy Link plan built and gingerly exhibited to a gushing public. The root of its story on here was back in 2010 - almost eight years from inception to endgame. Its job is done - almost.

Pics of the AotC and the rest of the show can be accessed via Mike Campbell's blog here .

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  1. I think the AoC held up really well. It captured the sleepy end of the line atmosphere perfectly. And it didn’t notice that some of the locos were far from finescale. The usual Ford triumph we’ve come to expect.