Friday 16 March 2018

Saturday Ramble

I know what a sharp eyed bunch you are, so you will have noticed a few background changes on this web page. What it needed was a clean and a slight update.

This blog has been running for nearly nine years and although I'd been blogging for a while, back when there were no gadgets and no commenting facility, this was an idea to just put a few model pictures up. The title reflected a 009 layout that was built around 1999, and nine years ago I was a couple of exhibition layouts further on, hence 'Wood End and Beyond'. Now that seems completely irrelevant; not only is it the name of a layout that I no longer own that was conceived and built last century, but my approach, modelling, and to some extent life, have moved on. There are for instance a few bits of associated writing that don't really get much of a mention here, but should. The list of layouts at the top has almost doubled and the writing within the posts is more opinionated and directed. In short it's more me, much more me than Wood End. Also the page had some loose ends and I needed put the stuff that I thought was important near the top: contact, links to books and links to other blogs, both of which are easier to do now than when I started here. These links are there because I think they are the relevant ones - the ones I find inspiring, the ones who I believe represent the forward motion of railway modelling. The only loss is Penhydd which does not exist any more. Shame.

The same irreverent spiel will occur in the posts - do continue to email and comment; they do get read. Welcome to the new (old) blog.

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