Monday, 16 April 2018

Horsham exhibition

At the Horsham show today operating Giles Barnabe's Peurto Paseo. Which is Our Man in Havana meets Minories. I love it. Double exit junction station with no run rounds so each train needs to be pulled in by one loco and removed by another. The railcar needs to be shuffled around the station and turned. It's got a lovely vibe and a warmth. Someone said 'you can almost smell the dust and dog shit'. It's retiring soon, to make way for more early Victorian themes.
Show: 9/10 Catering: an enthusiastic 7/10. Portion controlled baked potatoes aren't really my thing, but the apple crumble was.


  1. People reviewing the catering rather than the show. Tut Tut. ;-)

  2. There is something about this sort of design that I find deeply appealing, I think because the basic track plan can work to represent many situations. The Birmingham Moor St example is excellent, but I've always favoured a grimy end of steam northern setting for it, possibly in N gauge. Then this weekend we parked in what used to be Hunstanton station and for some reason the thought crossed my mind that Minories could make a nice little seaside terminus.