Thursday 12 April 2018

Wills lamp hut

In my world of endless sidestepping over projects, it was on to lamp huts to finish the auxiliary items section. There was no lamp hut in stock, so I had to wait to visit Gaugemaster and pay top dollar before I could move on. The roof vent and bucket shelf have come off and the landscape shape window (like no other lamp hut) has had a couple of extra bars fitted.


  1. I built a pair of the lamp hut kits; removed the roof vent from one and built it with two plain side walls, then built the other (which is the one I flogged at Lancing) with roof vent intact and the little wing things you're supposed to hang fire buckets from on BOTH sides. I'll have to open up the hut at work and check the window arrangement...

  2. See, most have the Wills kits - one man has his own lamp hut...

  3. ...which has a square window divided vertically into two panes.