Friday, 11 May 2018

Kent and East Sussex Railway

Kent and East Sussex Railway
A neat slide over to the Kent and rusty bucket yesterday; it was a nice day and there's no more pleasant a ride on a quiet sunny day. Starting at Bodiam, went up the line behind the ex Longmoor USA tank which is pretty from the front, but the ugliest MF of a loco from the back. The return was in the DMU - the empty DMU. It doesn't go chuff-chuff so no one is interested, despite the better view and a better sense of the line's gradients. The downside is that it finds every rail joint, so not a smooth ride by any means. We split the run back at Northiam and sat in the sun for an hour with a cup of tea and picked up the last steam run to Bodiam. In between we stopped for a very slow lunch (second only in slow service to the pub at Pendon), but did manage to blag a full tour of the carriage works watching the Met Rly coach being finished and the fascinating un-panelled GWR railcar at low level rebuild.
Railway: 11/10 Tenterden Catering: a low 3/10 Northiam Catering: High 9/10.

Compare the almost identical report from four years ago here.

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