Tuesday 15 May 2018

Lynton and Barnstaple wagon kit

L & B wagon kit in 009 scale from Dundas models.
The Dundas L & B wagon kit
A small amount of modelling done - hurrah! A Dundas (that still feels weird without the Parkside in front) kit for an L&B 4 ton open. Why build such a beast when there's a RTR version? Well modelling is better than buying, this is two thirds of the price and lastly, this is one of two that Dundas do - one cupboard door version like the Peco, and this top hung door version. That way if you want to expand your fleet of RTR wagons and ring the changes slightly then this could be the boy for you.

All pretty standard construction methods, though as usual I built this thing backwards starting with the chassis.
Nine quid against fifteen or so for the RTR version.

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