Thursday, 24 May 2018

SECR six wheeled brake van

 While waiting for the train at Bodiam  a week ago I wandered around the small yard with the tatty Olympus. Brake vans always do it for me, although they are probably the least useful bit of stock on a preserved railway. This is the 1898 SECR six wheeler which according to the KESR website has been restored twice since they've had it. I've written here before about the perils of doing this - a time consuming expensive restoration is good, but if the item in question doesn't get used and sits out in the rain... what's it all been for? This may get a reprise as it can't be long before it's available RTR from Bachmann to tie in with the birdcages and the 0-6-0 and it will be the star attraction. Until then there is a close O gauge kit from Slaters.


    When we were in Devon recently we visited the Dartmoor Railway. We were treated to a ride in the LMS breakvan propelled down the track by an 08 shunted, pushing a couple of carriages. A great view, standing on the balcony, of wonderfully overgrown track.

  2. This is the vehicle that the RaC00ns/Greenwich mob travelled the K&ESR in, circa 1995...