Thursday 14 June 2018

Gaugemaster DIN

I'm rather puzzled.
A couple of weeks back (because she was passing) Mrs F. picked up a Gaugemaster handheld controller for me from the company shop. This to act as a spare for the aging KPC. On opening I found that there is neither a DIN plug connected, nor included in the box. In these days of simple plug-and-play I thought this odd.

Fast forward to a couple of days ago I popped in (again as I was passing) to purchase a 6 pin plug to remedy this issue. ' We can't help you', was the reply from the kindly shop assistant. Hang on a minute....this is now not just odd, but downright stupid. I and many others plug a handheld into the socket on a Gaugemaster boxed controller on the 'track 2' circuit provided. It's designed to do exactly that. But the handheld controller comes without plug and they can't sell you one to fit yourself.
Does this not smack of minor incompetence on the marketing front?

They can sell you a plug/socket pack, but you don't need the socket, just the plug to go on the handheld that doesn't have one. OK, I go to a lot of shows and it won't be long before I trip over a dealer selling plugs, but what if I couldn't, was housebound, and relying on Mr Postman, and expecting a fully integrated controller system?

Sorry. Fundamental fail.


  1. Hi Chris

    I came across a similar issue when I returned to the hobby a few years ago. I had kept some equipment including a couple of handheld feedback controllers. When I bought a Gaugemaster boxed controller from E-Bay, with a non-feedback handheld, I discovered that not all DIN plugs are the same and that the E-Bay HH was wired wrong. I ended up purchasing the plug and socket sets you describe, even though I only needed the plug.

    A bit frustrating really.

  2. Useful story when I see another of those, "I don't need model shops I can do it all on the Interweb" posts so common on forums.

  3. That really is pretty crap, especially given that they can no doubt buy the bloody things in bulk.
    The other potential problem this brings is that if you're not tech-savvy (and even if you are) you might end up buying the wrong plug whereas they SHOULD be able to supply you with the correct one given that it's to fit one of their products.
    You could always pop into Maplins....oh, maybe not!

  4. I too have met the problem, it is indeed poor marketing. I can however solve it for everyone. Squires Tools (still in business after all these years) sell individual DIN plugs and separate sockets, as do Been a satisfied customer of both for a long time, when my local model shop can't work the miracles they usually do.