Monday, 4 June 2018

The DEMU Showcase exhibition

The DEMU Showcase exhibition
This was possibly a slightly left field event for me. Firstly quite a long way so a very early start. Secondly a bit of an unknown quantity; I didn't know quite what to expect, and there was no plan B if it was crap. I think I was expecting a slightly Scaleforum feel with lots of DCC and sound driven by people wearing black and Slipknot T shirts. Possibly also a very high unobtainable (for me) standard.  Here's the reality: A lot of middle aged blokes talking about freight routing and beer, a very mixed standard of modelling  and a lot of enthusiasm. And no goths.

Longcarse West (above) caught my eye as the best thing there. The backscene was a bit meh, but the feel of a rationalising railway was captured beautifully with some cracking scenics and subtle weathering; not the random 'death by airbrush' that is so prevalent now. The others were a mixed bag down to a couple of why? type layouts which only seemed to serve as a way to get as much digital operation and effects into as small space as possible. One in particular had so may locos on 'tick over' that it reminded me of the bees that swarm around a particular tree at the end of my garden in the summer. You cannot get the required bass response in a on-board sound chip - no you need a big speaker -  and in multiple it was completely wasted. Overall though it was an excellent day and worth the long drive. Exhibition 9/10.  Catering: a basic, but good 8/1.

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  1. I've been to the DEMU Showcase a few times and even joined DEMU for a year, though come renewal time I decided it wasn't really for me.
    It's good to see what used to be called Modern Image modelling being taken reasonably seriously and mostly done well.
    It is a bit of a journey from our neck of the woods; tedious on the bike but not quite so bad by train.
    I've even got some diesels to play with now...