Thursday 27 September 2018

More fence work for Orne

Not stunningly impressed with this. The fishing wire wasn't keen to be stuck into the holes. I think there's supposed to be 4-5 wires, but this was testing my patience as it was, and this from the man who has built buildings from single blocks of card in the past.
Anyway... stuck in with UHU and a three layer paint job (grey/green/brown) to try to make it visually disappear and not look like a set of gravestones. General bedding-in to do. This may get replaced.


  1. Try shirring elastic instead. It keeps the tension and also absorbs knocks without breaking. It definetly needs a higher wire. Either that or leave the wire foof entirely and see if anyone notices

    The other things that might improve it is having the posts more level and slightly further apart, and grayer colour for the posts so they fade further into the background.

    It took me ages to notice that on models we often make the mistake of getting the fencing to match every small undulation of the landscape. In reality that would make them harder to build and maintain. Often where you do see undulations in real fences it is because the earth has moved.

    I now build this Ratio fencing ona strip of plasticard with holes drilled at regualr intervals, and then embed that on the ground before doingb the grass layer

  2. Guess who pressed enter before Grammaarly had done its work?

  3. Chris you might wish to try real wire. For modelling purposes that needs to hard brass and at most 0.03mm dia. If you buy it in a coil there will be a lot less waste.

    Regards, Geoff