Sunday, 30 September 2018

Worthing model railway exhibition

Canute Road model railway layout
 Seeing as though it's only a little way away and Mrs F. was out with her mother (cue Jaws theme) I wandered over to the Worthing show. The only thing that had caught my eye on the listing was Graham Muspratt's Canute Road which is tiny but lovely. I'd not been to this event for a few years and in ground space terms it's grown a bit, with two extra rooms, but is still hamstrung by the long dark corridor as the centre piece, which gives the effect of the show never achieving a critical mass of people as they're all strung out in a line.

The other layout that I really liked was at the other end of the size range - Dubmill Sidings. This captures that hard to get right atmosphere of open space. Difficult in the smaller scales; harder still on O. Not one narrow gauge layout though.
Dubmill Sidings O gauge

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  1. I went on Saturday...couldn't get near Dubmill Sidings as every time I went down the corridor it was three deep. Quite agree about the atmosphere from what I saw of it.
    The small layout that hit the spot for me was Mike Denwood's Foxwell Lane; I usually steer clear of layouts with DCC sound as all too often it's turned up to 11 and has lots of flashing lights just like the real thing mostly doesn't.
    The sound was there alright, but only just...and the whole scene is nicely observed and subtly executed with not an armed stand-off in sight. Most enjoyable.
    Spent a while nattering to Andrew Knights both in the main corridor (and a good job too or I'd have missed the side bit where his and other layouts were entirely) and while watching the trains go by on Koln Drau├čen...
    Bought a set of odd-shaped sanding sticks, a H0n3 track gauge, and a fish van kit.
    Nice day out, as always .