Tuesday 11 September 2018

009 Water tower for Orne

scratch built 009 scale water tower

A scratch-built water tower for 009
Orne's scratch-built water tower is now complete.  I wanted something spindly and which looked locally-made, which ruled out any of the commercial kits. The tank is sections of Wills vari-girder, Ratio wood planking sheet makes the timber top, a spare door off a Southern brake van kit gives the access hatch and cotton buds are used for the main legs. There are various bits of plastic strip, some sprue from a Ratio signal box, necklace chain, and some donated wire. Most of this (everything except the vari-girder) came out of the scrap box; thus it didn't cost me more than a pound to make. It only needs some suitable rusty paintwork to finish.

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