Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Non runnng P class

Back in May I raved about the quality of the Hattons P. As you can see from the shot above with it perched on some 009 track most if not all of this reaction was visual. Fast forward to now and with the track laid on Dury's Gap it was time to try a few locos out: a Terrier, an 03 and then the P....dead, nada, nothing, it just sat there looking pretty. Removal of the body via four (now three) of the tiniest screws on the planet found that all was well if you gave the motor worm a bit of a helping hand... well that's OK then, I'll just run it without the body and prod it every time. The quartering seems OK and once it's running it seems fine except odd power surges (is this connected?). This leads me to think it's the motor that's at fault. Really not impressed at all.
Update: Call to Hattons reveals a speedy no quibble replacement. Fingers crossed.

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