Tuesday 15 January 2019


It's been a while. Life has generally got in the way, and while there has been a modicum of modelling going on, other stuff has been happening, lot of which I didn't see coming. I have therefore been playing catch-up since New Year and I'm still not there yet. Case in point is the failed P Class that was mentioned a few posts down. The offending loco was returned to Hattons (I note they don't refund the postage) and new one had been sent back. It had sat in the unopened box since then and only today was it unpacked and given a run in of about 15minutes each way on a circle of Hornby track bought for mere pence for this sort of thing.

Other than that, there is one book to tidy and another to finish, plus the relentless production of 009 News. Onward - just more slowly than before.


  1. Hi Chris
    I don't think you are being completely fair to Hattons in respect of their returns policy. As set out on their website, they will refund postage when the customer requests it. You might of course feel they should do so automatically. In practice, a friend called them about a faulty item a week or so ago, and was sent a return postage label, a convenient way of getting things back to them.
    Chris Thomas

  2. A return label wasn't offered when I rang up. The nice lady just said 'send it back and we'll replace it'. No matter. There is though the wider issue of quality control here, more so in that this is their own product and not one that they are purely retailing.