Wednesday 16 January 2019

Loading a JYA open wagon

Loading a JYA open wagon
Back when the sun was shining I noodled past the Newhaven North Quay to see what was going on. The aggregate sides were lifted probably 15+ years ago, but were reinstated a while back with a trailing point and a long loop. The outward traffic is stone on roughly weekly runs in a long line of JYA bogie opens. So long that from my viewpoint I couldn't see the probable Class 66 at the head.

The loader is caught in mid shovel-filling mode - not a pose that would be normally seen as acceptable on a model, but here it plainly is. I note that while the 'professional' model weathering companies do wonders with squirty airbrushes on this sort of vehicle, they are a million miles from the  hammered texture that the side panels show.

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  1. How satisfying that the sidings have been reinstated. And yes, the weathering on that wagon is superb. 😉