Friday, 15 March 2019

New GWR book

Great Western Book Chris Ford
This is fully out now and doing quite nicely on the Amazon ratings.
Looking at it slightly fresh after the publication gap I'm suitably pleased with it. Regulars will appreciate that it comes at the subject from a cheeky angle, much like what is here, with a definite slant toward making things yourself and shying away from the chequebook modelling style. As far as I'm concerned, the real fun is to be had from taking something and a) personalising it somewhat and b) not just paying someone else to do the modelling for you. Each to his own of course, but I do se a rapid drop in quite basic skills (blame who you wish here). I was discussing the layout's lighting on Sunday and said that I'd planed off a piece of battening at angle to get the LED strip in the right place. 'Planed?' Was the response. As though I'd gone to the dark side. Yes, did it in woodwork at school. Do they still do woodwork at school?

So yes it's out now with lots of hole drilling, sticking, and chopping of plastic. With all the bog paper and string modelling that you're used to on here.


  1. Came this morning from Wordery. Looks good (wouldn't expect anything else). I might get into God's Wonderful Railway yet.