Tuesday, 30 April 2019

Plastic waste

Long time readers will know that I had a big change of heart a few years ago. Beforehand I'd shunned Wills sheet for being too much faff. Then I was given a Craftsman kit and thought it rude not to build it. Result: I now rarely use anything else for buildings. Result 2: There are off cuts. They are thrown into an ice cream tub which is good, but not good for finding anything specific. This morning I needed some brick sheet, but couldn't find anything suitable at the top, so ended up tipping the whole lot onto a tray. Result 3: Although there aren't any full sheets, I probably have enough corrugated to make several small sheds - or at least  roofs for a lot of small sheds, and near on the same from scraps of brick. If I was really careful and was happy to freelance a few buildings there is probably at least fifty quid's worth of random plastic here. Light railway anyone?

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  1. I'm currently going through boxes while clearing out the flat in Hastings...I have all sorts of stuff from various schemes in different scales, particularly H0 from the French light railway and generic European electric tramway as well as some American bits. There's certainly enough building and scenic bits for a layout of some sort...and freelancing with a little imagination can, as you suggest, make use of all sorts of "waste".