Saturday, 27 April 2019

Bullhead painting

With Exile on Main St. blasting out a little track painting to be done. Not my favourite job, I even prefer ballasting. If I can concentrate for more than 15 mins at a time I might get half the track done tonight  - well the base colour anyway.
Other news: Off to the Epsom show today ostensibly to do a little shopping which was mostly successful even though I managed not to spend the £200 on books that I'd have liked to have taken home. All of a sudden the S&D and Settle stuff looks appealing. Excellent show; even the first room would have been worth the trip with our lord Gravatt with Arun Quay leading the role call. A lengthy chat with Andy Jones who (when he wasn't getting a waggy finger from the other half) was showing the evocative Herstmonceux for the final time. It really is a high quality event and with my usual scoring gave:
Show 9.5
Catering 7
Rucksacks (a fairly high) 7

Back to the panting before a trip up to the smoke for a date with some panto. After all, there is nothing like a dame in April.

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