Wednesday, 15 May 2019

Building a Peco Manyways kit

Converting the Peco office building kit
I'd not built any of the Peco kits before until I converted the station building kit a year or so back. After the Wills sheet it came as a nice surprise being quite light and delicate by comparison. Now the requirement is for a mid-late 20th century station building, something flat roofed and mod'. Enter the Peco office buildings kit.

A new front wall
Essentially it's a modular design and in this respect it works very well, although you have to think on your feet slightly as beyond the basic instructions for the box-art buildings there are only suggestions as to how to proceed. I needed something long and thin so laid out a selected set of walling and added bits and painted as I went along. Glazing as I went was in hindsight a bad move; yes it's easier to do it while the walls are flat, but no matter how careful I was the solvent fumes fogged bits of it in odd corners. Now a fully constructed box with a false back.

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