Tuesday, 25 June 2019

Death by Airfix

Hopwood's parcels depot needed to be steam age - apparently. So has become an homage to Michael Andress in many ways. The main structure is an Airfix engine shed sliced down its middle and re-built end to end. The doors have been sliced and added to suggest open sliders. The lamps have been used though are barely visible now. The canopy (which is magically cantilevered at the ends) uses the Airfix platform canopy kit valancing variously chopped about - the girder pieces are behind with a piece of plasticard on top.  The whole lot sits in, and on, the remains of Peco setrack platform sections. In other words there is nothing here that couldn't have been built from the same bits in 1975 and most of it as far back as 1959. Regulars will know that this sort of ancient bodgery appeals and I can't see that it will stop here. Incidentally the cost of all this is probably around £18 and I still have bits left over.


  1. Any homage to Michael Andress is a good thing. Have you any Pug kits to bash?

  2. Funny you should say that...