Wednesday 26 June 2019

The Airfix/Dapol parcels depot.

Converting the Dapol engine shed kit to a parcels depot

Combining the Dapol canopy and engine shed kits
Pre final detailing a pre sweeping up the excess static grass - but you get the idea. L-R: Wills sheet, Parkside van, Dapol engine shed and canopy, Peco platform, code 100 track, buffer stop, static grass and ballast. Nothing you can't pick up from a model shop. The figures are a mystery and came out of the tin (a real tobacco tin! Proper stuff.) one might be a Model Scene the other is whitemetal.
It's a bit of a contrived scene - I'm never convinced by the long siding in front of the FY, but then that was the requirement.


  1. I think it’s entirely convincing. Timeless.

  2. It does ring true and look 'right'. And the technique of splitting the kit down the middle and joining the parts is excellent.