Monday, 3 June 2019

DEMU Showcase 2019

Dalnottar O gauge model railway layout Ian Futers
The second annual trip up to the Midlands to the DEMU Showcase and I can see this becoming a regular event. It's a longish  run, especially with a detour to Gatwick beforehand. The primary reaction was that there was a real buzzy excitement in the room (possibly what was missing last week). Highlights were Kier Hardy's Hornsey which is just epic, but could be a little more intense with the running, and the ex Futers/Nevard Dalnottar Riverside now owned by the SEG which is just about as perfect as a compact O gauge layout could be. They were muttering about extensions... don't.
The room was not ideal, but was a last minute choice as the usual Burton Town Hall isn't now big enough and their second choice pulled the plug. There was plenty of big hitting trade in the room as well as a lot of the usual smaller traders. An excellent day rounded of with the cafĂ© over the road which is err…. unique.
Show: 9
Catering 3< 9
Rucksacks a strong 5

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