Sunday 16 June 2019

Global Rail model railway exhibition

global rail
Up to deepest Oxfordshire for what is now a regular trip to the German Railway Society's Global Rail. Not without its drama - the organisers were informed at 3 o'clock on Friday that the venue was double booked and therefore they'd lost a third of the floor space. A few items were cancelled and the rooms re-jigged. If I didn't have some prior knowledge of this I wouldn't have noticed. The only thing missing for me (and I'm probably not the target audience) is a kits and bits trader and the required Wills sheet and point were purchased at Kernow Models on the return trip.
My downside of the day was getting a cup of hot tea thrown over me by a wind-blown curtain. Still, an excellent showing of all things non-British. If you fancy something a little different, Alan Monk and the team put on a great show with a twist. Make an effort to take a look next year.
Show: 8
Catering; a grumpy 6 even though bacon rolls were available
Rucksacks: 4

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