Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Hopwood gets a facia

Hopwood model railway
Moving this project on despite some misgivings with brickwork. I thought it best to concentrate on one end, so finished the FY which is a zig-zag of MDF followed up by a facia board of same. This was glued, weighted and a few small screws added at certain possible 'rip' points like corners. Note that as was suggested today that I didn't have time to collect together my rare books to use as weights to prove what a worthy railway study buff I am, and just grabbed a couple of toolboxes.

The boards are slightly smaller than I would normally go for at 900mm long. This doesn't mean that by the time all the MDF backscene material is added that they are any easier to lift  - I can happily stand on this one with all the box section engineering.

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  1. Oh come on. What about your huge pile of MRJs. Additional weight could be added by putting your tweed jacket on top with the pockets stuffed with scale rules and expensive unbuildable brass kits