Saturday, 29 June 2019

Hopwood board two

Hopwood urban model railway layout

Building the scene
Gradually moving along with the Hopwood build. with board one complete save a few packing case type details and onto the join with board two.

Fitting the bridge
The bridge has been pre-built so unusually I had the foresight to ballast underneath first.  The arches unit went in. The was a slight bow (2mm) upward, but it could have been a lot worse considering the seven end-on butt joints - a little standing and holding both ends down while the glue went off was in order. The bridge slots over the end of these and once this had been waggled around to fit and stuck down, the facia was cut and was glued on. All seems OK at this juncture so board number one can come down and board number three can go up. There's not quite enough room to walk around if all three are up at once.

I feel a whole lot of ballasting coming on.

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