Friday, 14 June 2019

The sooty walls of Hopwood

There is a lot of Wills sheet in this so far and I'm not finished with it yet. 6' feet of arches and more at the end with a girder bridge thrown in for good measure. This is the biggest job by far and a damn sight more time consuming than throwing a layer of flock down. It needs a wash of mortar colour and all the details put on - to be honest you could spend half your life modelling all the details on urban railway arches, perhaps a CND insignia somewhere would break it up.


  1. A few period bits of graffiti I remember...

    Chelsea are them disappear from the first division (on the side of the lift shaft at Lewes)

    Long live the revolutionary spirit of the railway workers (near Kemp Town junction) and finally...

    Anarchy for Seaford (on a bridge abutment at Glynde)

    All good fun, from the days when graffiti was literate...