Tuesday, 3 September 2019

OO gauge Green diesels?

Hopwood model railway layout

To go green or blue.
On the recent rainy trip to Devon one thing jumped out me during the day. The basic brief was blue/green period. However in order to bolster my limited ex-Rhiw blue stock items, more was drawn from the RM review cupboard, and most of this was either pre-TOPS or green. I can't quite put my finger on it, but the layout seemed to come alive more with the green stock of 105 and 108 DMUs and bauxite vans than it did with any blue stock. Therefore I have a quandary: do I stay with the limited amount of blue stock for the shows booked next year, or do I splash out what would be a considerable amount of cash on  a brace of green DMUs and associated (and here's the real question) some Eastern Region diesel power. For to be perfectly honest, despite the SR concrete items dotted about, this is where it suddenly looked 'whole'. This I can't explain as it was designed to be 'anytown/anywhere' and deliberately vague in position, but there was a sudden 'click' moment as the scene suddenly worked better.


  1. I've just done a Rail Blue micro and found myself getting all nostalgic about "heritage" DMUs and an era I can just about remember. Green is prettier, but as a fan of the run-down railway and crumbling buildings, something blue does appeal. It's also very fashionable and being in the zeitgeist is important to hipster me.

  2. What do you need, plenty of banger blue (and Green TOPS) loks and stock available for loan if required.