Thursday 14 November 2019

Hopwood in Railway Modeller 2

Hopwood in Railway Modeller
If you rush you could probably pick up part one in the November issue, but part two of the Hopwood build trilogy is in the December issue of Railway Modeller which is technically out tomorrow. The first section of this part is the organising of the fiddle yard and a suggestion for the now done conversion from two to three roads to open the operation up slightly. The second section covers the Wills arches which regulars here will know was quite an epic build in involving several days work and some assistance from the Excellent Cake.

The signals are a temporary fix. The earlier plan was for a junction semaphore, but the time was running away and I found a photo or two of this set up which saved the time. There is also the possibility that they may turn into colour lights at some point.


  1. Nice article, Chris.
    That last photo taken through the arch is very atmospheric...

  2. How does it feel to be on the same bill as Sir Rod?

    1. I've shared a sandwich with Laurie Cooksey - anything else is a let down.