Wednesday, 13 November 2019

Hopwood tweaks

Hopwood model railway
As you will know, if you live north of the M25, that all of us who live south of it live in huge houses with room for the horses outside. The truth is that even with only 8'10" of Hopwood, I can't set it up fully anywhere but across the TV. Mrs F. is fairly understanding in these matters, but I don't push my luck especially this close to Halloween.

It will logically fit across the workshop space, but there is a problem in that the forth and slightly critical trestle needs to stand where the bench is. One has to improvise. Therefore 10" of books were stacked up in its place. Some small detailing was carried out and a little Lima entertainment was enjoyed. The 33 is on loan and the railcar was a recent cheap purchase at Wycrail to be used as either a spare or to chop up - regardless of this it ran considerably better with some frantic fibre brushing of the wheels to remove the caked dirt. Sweet as a.... 30 year old Lima railcar. Despite it being the wrong combination, like the Tri-ang item before it, it still has essence of DMU to my eye.

Some board linking wiring had to be re-bodged - I may explain that later; maybe not - but I need to get it ready for a small show in the Midlands in ten days. I may or may not be setting it up and may or may not be operating it, but there is rather more lack of control than I would otherwise prefer. It does though seem to have generated three namechecks in the RM that dropped onto the mat today.

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