Monday 27 April 2020

Hopwood - green

I'm probably not the only modeller who's starting to rethink the shape of things and I outlined what I thought some of the possible general outcomes would be last week. One a more personal level (and assuming the worst case scenario) it may now be time to consolidate the projects. I have to admit this is not recent thinking, but the current situation has thrown it into sharper focus. There may be some drastic cutting involved, or at the very least some boxing of things that don't fall within this new remit and stashing them in the loft out of the way. 

A while ago I mentioned Hopwood in green and due to a couple of items arriving from the Reverend Ian shortly after this and a couple of purchases it is possible to do this. There is a slight lean to an Eastern Region or now I'm looking at this photo maybe more Midland-ish. As the photos were taken upside down with Hopwood stored against the wall it was logical to invoke the shade of Brian Monaghan  - even though I'm pretty sure all the wheels are on the track.


  1. Isn't this what CJF used to call "Modern Image"?
    It certainly would have been in the early 1960s: flat bottom rail, nice new diesels with yellow ends, fitted vans and not a steam loco to be seen!
    Could be LMR or ER, Metro Cammell DMUs and "Rats" got almost everywhere (hence the nickname of the latter).
    Liking the black and white, though it could equally convey the ambience of the '70s and '80s.
    Substitute a 24, 26 or 27 for the Rat and possibly add a railbus and an 05 and you could go North of the Border....
    I've already got the 26 and 05, in green, hmmm....

  2. The pictures were taken upside down? That would be models with Magnadhesion, I suppose?

  3. I was wondering how you did it too. I knew you wouldn't have superglued everything to the track. That would have spoiled any future fun a tad...

  4. I too and intrigued by the upside down photography. Storing and operating layouts on the train room ceiling would save a lot of space; or allow even more layouts! I do like the pictures though. From days when magazines told you things!
    Andrew K