Wednesday, 1 April 2020

Peco sprue lamps

 The was a lamp issue on Hopwood. The original Ratio SR style lamps disintegrated and so were removed. What I noticed while researching possible replacements were the flu-tube type like this, that appear in many 1970s platform shots. There are variations some have names on the face, some don't. Some face the train, some down the platform. Some on tubular posts some tapered concrete. I'm guessing that they were introduced in the 1960s to clear the gas lamp types, but they are all gone by the 1980s. Whatever the history, Hopwood needed four, but there don't seem to be any 4mm items available.

The base of the posts could be sliced from 2mm id brass tube and the main post from 2mm plastic rod - both in stock. I thought Id have to carve the lamp part from plastic strip. Then the lightbulb moment. Cast you minds back 24 hours and the comment about Peco's overindulgent sprue supply used then for the station building footings. Here I needed a tapered part, almost square, but not quite, about 3mm accoss. Looks across bench.... sprue! A bit of 30 thou on the top and we're away.


  1. Look good. I did have some White metal ones on Cross Ness, Knightwing, I think. The only trouble was in th eposts. During storage the posts took a gentle curve due to the weight of th elamp top and the thinness of the posts. Not a problem with yours... Re naming, I seem to recall that in the Seven King's Area the names were on some lamps and they were parallel to the track. Hope that helps!
    Andrew K in case I am again anonamised!