Tuesday, 31 March 2020

First coat of paint

I'm sure Gordon Gravett goes through all this.
The final building assembly complete, with the lean-to roof feathered, filed and fitted. The whole lot was then jacked up by about 3mm using the sprue from the windows. Peco have really excelled themselves with this; there's about 60% more sprue than parts. Never mind, what most will chuck in the bin I'll use, and what I don't, Mr Hill will make something from.

A couple of coats of GW light stone on the body suddenly sets the place or at least the company. The window frames are part done. With internal window sills fitted It'll be easier to fit glazing before the roof goes on. I recon another two days work - I've got nothing else to do.

The jury is still out on the roof size.


  1. Well that really looks the part. Proportions are right and it doesn't look too small at all.

  2. That was me. For some reason I can only post as "Unknown", not by name. Someone's trying to tell me something. "Maintain social distancing - stay anonymous", perhaps. Les

  3. Looks good, are there any bargeboards?

  4. Another "Unknown", yet th epage says you will comment as andrew w etc, then pastes it up as anonymous. Still looks good, even woth no bargeboards!