Sunday, 31 May 2020

Saturday Ramble

Planning and plotting. Like most I'm continually rethinking things at the moment. Personally, I believe that it's madness to open up this early when infection rates are still rising. Mrs F. (who follows these things) has been watching the graphs on the Gov site and has noted that the rates peaked two days ago, but just before the 'Happy Monday' announcement the graph was altered to show a flatter line before reverting back yesterday. Make of this what you will. They want us working again, no matter what the cost. Remember who funds them for the next election.

The mojo has returned slightly and some work on Tiley Road has resumed with the final sky boards cut, and then sprayed with the usual Halfords primer. This all needs to be done by the end of August, but what then? The possibles that existed pre lockdown have fallen away and there is now a cliff edge to fall over. Sitting in the garden until September might be possible, but after that... who knows?


  1. Build a garden railway?
    Agree re lockdown. I live in the Peaks and its madness up here, worse than pre-lockdown. Unless I'm working or walking the dogs I'm staying in.

  2. Problem surely is it needs to be a staggered approach- in the West Country where I am it's like the corona virus hasn't even happened- but London and the south east is a completely different story. Not sure why it has to be one size fits all.

  3. Hi Chris.

    I've just turned 61 and my wife is only a few years behind. She is a key worker two days a week and I'm retired. We both volunteer at the local food bank. Only two allowed into the FB together, so that is our shift.

    I have no confidence in Mr Johnson and his crew. In spite of the 'opening up' when I went out into a very unpopulated rural Dorset on Sunday, with camera and dog the public seem to have lost their initial enthusiasm for freedom. A very few cars, some Sunday walkers, 8 in total, (who clearly weren't used to the empty countryside and that was it. Bliss.

    We aren't going to change our behaviour. Masks, gloves and sanitiser are the new essentials.

    What happens come the Autumn if as seems likely there is a second or even third spike is a pretty grim prospect.

    This thing probably has a long way to go.

  4. Down here (South East Kent) the countryside is fairly quiet although the roads to places like Camber are apparently busy and the down trains I've seen while at work are getting increasingly busy, this despite posters advising people not to travel by train for leisure. We currently have 4 car trains from the Uckfield line vice the normal 2 (to free up siding space at Selhurst, apparently) but I've seen a number of trains that if they were 2 cars would be pretty full with no chance of social distancing! It seems that most of the passengers are heading to Rye for Camber but I don't know how they get to the latter as presumably the buses will have limited capacity due to social distancing, which the drivers have more chance of enforcing than train crews.