Monday, 1 June 2020

Hole in the sky

Hole in the sky o gauge
Pushing on with the dog-leg bit of the sky boards. The hole-in-the-sky was sized using the borrowed Dapol 08 and seems utterly huge, but then I've been working in 009 for the last year or so anything would appear large. It was pointed out that I don't normally like this dog-leg sky arrangement - this is true, but there is little else to do in the available overall space. This piece is glued to the back and the edge of the middle board with the final 900mm section butting up to this and fixed down the centre of board three. There are packing issues that I thought that I'd got round, but apparently not. Once this last centre split section is on this packing will be attended to.

I note that lock-down essentially ends today and that the government are 'reasonably confident' about safety. This from the same mouths that said that if we kept deaths down below 20,000 we'd have done well and that Dominic Cummings didn't break any rules. If you were buying a car and asked about safety and the salesman said that he was 'reasonably confident' that it was, would you proceed? I'm reasonably confident that we had a mild dose of it back in February/March, but I'm also reasonably confident that I don't trust anything that they say and am taking no chances.


  1. Agree with your second paragraph, as someone who until recently was an 'NHS data professional' but is currently 'shielding', the numbers don't appear to be coming down, yet suddenly I can go out, without any protection. I suspect after the last couple of weekends, the numbers will start to rise so we hit the second peak just as everything starts to open up end June / early July.

  2. As someone mentioned the business lobby have got their way, lives don't matter, the economy does! Stay Safe.