Thursday, 21 May 2020

Thursday Ramble

Everything ground to a halt for a while. Thank you to the several people who emailed and asked if I was OK.
The builders have now gone, but the scaffolding has not. It took a little longer than they anticipated and the noise and people bobbing around in front of the windows makes it hard to get anything done. Normally I would have escaped somewhere, but with the current situation the beach and the downs were already full. Result: the mojo disappeared. This morning I managed to get the ground frame hut mentioned last time finished save the weathering, but I need to wind myself up into a routine again. As the scaffold is here until Wednesday and they will need to go through the workshop to remove it, I can't be bothered to set Tiley Road up, only to take it down again.

The target is now to do the final building which is the small goods shed based on curved roof GWR type - a pagodaless pagoda.


  1. Glad you're OK. Know what you mean about getting on with modelling. Conditions and frame of mind (unintentional pun) have to be right. Look forward to seeing a pic of the goods shed.

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  3. I did wonder where you'd got to...I've had a similar problem in that the spare room at work where I was working on the new(ish) layout suddenly looked like being not spare any more. It doesn't help being on "holiday" in the middle of this lot but not being able to go anywhere although to be honest I find it takes very little to distract me.
    Back to full time work from Monday but as it's likely to be very quiet I'll take the DM30 project and some tools in...hopefully I'll manage some meaningful progress.