Thursday 7 May 2020

VW kit bash

This appeared on FB and looked too good not to share. Details I have not, only that it's a wood yard and probably Scandinavian. The track may be standard gauge though the root loco is not. The main frames could be wood (of course) and I'm particularly taken with the nifty riveting in the wheel arch area.

Something similar could be knocked up on an uncontrollable 24mm Tenshodo - not ideal for shunting, but a great conversation piece.

More info required.


  1. I've seen this image in the past. I keep meaning to find a suitable kit for a G scale version.

  2. Phil, Here's an idea
    Although it'd almost be a pity to take a hacksaw to this :-)

  3. It used to be possible to buy 1:25 scale diecast VW people carriers for much less. In fact, I've just gone and got mine out of the roof where it's been languishing in its box for years. Maisto produced them. Oh no, not another project...

  4. Les that would be great! Thanks for putting that uyp[ Chris. I am almost tempted to have a go in 1/48, NG of course. Not that the MaP NEEDS another goat!

    Andrew K

  5. If I used 32mm track it would scale out at 800mm gauge. Close enough to 750mm et al. Tempting and feasible. But I must finish the 5.5mm layout first. I must... Get thee behind me temptation.