Wednesday, 3 June 2020

O Gauge loading platform

I was picked up today about being too gloomy on here, and I can't even blame Mr. Hill for it. On the contrary I'm very upbeat, but possibly just as many are at the moment -a little directionless due to some of life's corner markers being removed. Much of this may be down to the plan of retiring from hitting things for a living in the Autumn which would mark an unbelievable 40 years at it. The current situation has thrown this, forcing this moment to two months ago. What do I do? I didn't exactly want an exit party, but I did want to do it on my own terms. Now I'm wondering if I stick to the plan, which may well mean that it's already happened, or do I add a bit on and make it 40.5 or 41? 

The opposite of gloomy was my morning accuser Matt Kean who was ostensibly writing to plug the Wiltshire 009 Group's 'Skills Day' on the first of August which they are still hopeful for. Not so much an exhibition as a rolling masterclass. Keep your eye out for it. An email in the same batch from Tim Rayner informing me that I have a Comment piece in the next RM (regulars here will recognise it) and asking for payment details. Peco have not only moved from the collar and ties, but are now paying BACS rather than ten bob notes by carrier pigeon. My fear is now for their office tea lady. 

Back to the present and the current job (one of them. Bored? Moi?) and the loading/cattle dock on Tiley Road. The eventual use is somewhat decided by what fencing I can build/get hold of. The same card weave technique has been used as with the main platform, though after the warping in this I've made the cells smaller which will hopefully help.


  1. Loading dock is looking good, as is the station and vegetation behind it. Retirement is a strange old thing, not exactly sure I've come to terms with it yet - I miss the social interaction and sparkiness with like-minded people. But I certainly don't miss the stress. Good and bad.

    1. Les, How I agree with you regarding retirement. Occasional miss the ability to enliven the office politics and the unexpected avenues of conversation. Some of the customers are missed too, buyt as you say not the other side of "work". Mind you, conversation has run on very parallel lines with the MrPP being the main contact!

      Keep well both. At least the garden looks better and the railway(S) too!