Thursday 11 June 2020


About every other week somebody will email me to ask whether I would like them to proof read 009 News. They usually back off quickly when I give the time requirement; the final copy deadline is midnight on the 31st and it has to be off to the printer on the 1st. I'm sure they're all very well meaning, but I'm always suspicious that they just want a hand in it (read partial control) without taking the full commitment of getting a slim monthly publication out. What's this got to do with anything?

Well the proofs for my final epic for Crowood Press rolled up for checking with a stern warning that this is for typos etc. NOT for rewrites. Strangely now that I spend a lot of time working with Adobe indesign page design, my quick thumb through is picking up page layout errors long before I have to start picking apart my own words. 

I also note that when obtaining the web link above, that this forthcoming title may interest certain VW fans from Leamington Spa.


  1. Third edition? Some of us have the first, and it's a good book! Of course I prefer their older stuff grumble grumble...

  2. We often have to do presentations based on documents we submitted against a deadline a week or so before. it can be cringeworthy.

    I have a very long anecdote about my time as a police statistician. Stop me if you've heard the one about the IBM card reader, the prostitutes index, and the Commissioner's Annual Report. Suffice to say the data wasn't accurate.