Sunday 14 June 2020

Saturday ramble - MRJ and the layout wobble

Saturday ramble - MRJ and the layout wobble

Busy isn't it? There was a scramble for ideas with the new lock down rules a couple of days ago with Mrs F. fighting with little brother over who had access to mother... he won. Logically he's only ten minutes round the corner so it sort of makes sense. Not wanting to waste the get out of jail free card, other options were examined. At which point the 'single vulnerable' adult numbers are small and you realise how few single vulnerable people we know.

I decided to bite the bullet and work through the early MRJs with knife. This has been discussed at length already, I just wanted to wind the collectors up a little.

I've now reduced the magazines  (in their complete sense) down to this months RM and CM. This is a good thing. The layouts are next. The Orne extension board built for the latest publishing epic was supposed to be sold, though due to the situation no contact has been made. I may cut my losses at this point and strip both it and the root Orne back to bare wood to be reused for something else; or maybe I'll just take them outside with a box of matches. This will leave me without an 009 layout. This maybe odd for the editor (and as I'm led to believe director) of the 009 Society's now anorexic newssheet, but time marches on and apart from Narrow Gauge North, next spring (will that happen?) there's nothing left in the book for it. I'm desperate for a clean slate and to get rid of all the mess in here.


  1. If you're short on articles I could knock one up about my Rushby's Resins Deutz.

    1. I'm not short, but yes please. To the editorial address on p2 please.

  2. Shame about Orne, I was hoping to persuade you to bring it to the next members day, assuming it is actually able to happen. But then maybe that is why you want to scrap it quick! :)