Sunday 6 September 2020

Saturday Ramble - O gauge lamps

O gauge lamps

 A month off. Sometimes there are other bits of life that need more attention. 

The final thing to go on the O gauge were these shorty platform lamps inspired by items at Bodiam. Nothing startling here: some roughly 4mm square rocket stick and a pair of Model Scene 4mm lamps with the posts chopped off. Tiny brackets from strip and gas pipe from layout wire. The layout has now been taken down to Devon and been snapped by young Craig. The original plan - and indeed its reason to exist  - was for it to appear on the Peco stand at Warley; it being sized to fit on the stand. Without this publishing peg point and due to the photoshoot being later than planned and becoming a little tight in the timetable, it now heads for the December RM.  What I do need to do is sort the sector plate out. This could be left off until now as it didn't need to be photographed.

Sales Department: Orne has now gone to a new home. There have been a handful of enquires about Hopwood, but no hard takers. The price is very modest - I just want it out of the way really. email me via the profile page top right. The O gauge will similarly need to be moved on at some point in the near future.


  1. Those lamps look good, far better for a light railway than the default purchase of cast iron lamp posts.
    I might have a go at something similar for the stalled 009 layout once I find somewhere to work on it. I'm pleased that Orne has found a new home, but really surprised Hopwood hasn't...surely it is ideal for someone with a collection of 00 and nowhere to run it?
    Glad you're back posting again,

  2. I made some similar lamps for Wimblehurst Road using the Merit lamps and plastic rod, very satisfying although no gas pipe, theory they were oil lit by hand. Like Stig said good to see back posting.